About us

Welcome to our web site.

Ksantia kennel standard schnauzer pepper and salt.


My name is Oksana Melish and I'm the breeder.


We located in Ukraine, Odessa


From 1994 it's almost 30 years with the schnauzers!

How did I start...

The first schnauzer I got in 1994. That was my first step into schnauzer world and the dog world. 


Thanks to my first dog and professional breeders that surrounded me at these times, I learned grooming amd handling for dog show. First on my dog and then others dogs as well.


In 2003 I brought from Russia a gorgeous, stylish female Metallic Great Victory. She became the begining of Ksantia kennel.


Ksantia kennel was registered in FCI in 2005, and in 2006 the first litter from mating in St. Petersburg was born in the kennel.


Since then, I have brought several more dogs with top bloodlines to Ukraine to Ksantia kennel. With that said now Ksantia bloodline carry the blood of the best dogs in the world and their quality is confirmed by victories at the most significant dog shows.

METALLIC GREAT VICTORY - the begining of Ksantia kennel

About our schnauzers

Ksantia kennel dogs have all the main schnauzer characteristics of the breed:

  • Correct and balansed character, that fact gives us well behaviored 

and suitable companion dogs to the family

  • Correct coat, harsh, bright color, which is not only beautiful to the eyes, but also very comfortable in everyday life.
  • Anatomy that stands with the standard of the breed.

All this gives them the opportunity not only to win at dog shows, but also to delight us their owners every day.

Why I'm with the standard schnauzer breed for almost 30 years?

Answer in the link:

Development process

I breed professionally, but Ksantia kennel remains a family kennel. Dogs live with us as family members.


Schnauzers are a part of my life, my job and my passion.

Time, finances and efforts are constantly invested in the development of the kennel. This would have been impossible without the help of my husband and the owners of our puppies, who are looking in the same direction with us. Their contributions are invaluable! Ksantia kennel has a co-ownership program, which makes it possible to obtain the number of dogs at home. That also giving us the correct way to keep the dogs in the best conditions. 

We are developing the kennel together!


The goal of our breeding is to obtain high-quality purebreed puppies.
Correct anatomy, strong nervous system and health.

We do everything to ensure that the puppies from Ksantia kennel will stand with the standard of the breed.

With that said our goal of high quality is to obtain and keep it real

"Yes, we have an amazing breed!"

Dogs from Ksantia kennel

Ksantia puppies live with families all around the world.


Our puppies are in the USA and Canada, in Mexico and Israel, in France and Germany, in Poland and Italy, in England and Belgium, in Russia and Ukraine. Most of them have an active show career and are used in breeding programs in different countries.


I try to keep in touch with the owners of the puppies, follow their progress and am always ready to provide all possible help and advice.


The Schnauzer has never been a fashionable breed, our owners deliberately choose the Schnauzer for its breed qualities. In their families our schnauzers are in "their place", they are loved, well-groomed, properly brought up and live a happy life.


I have accumulated quite a lot of experience with the breed, which gives me an understanding of the right way to achieve our goals in breeding.


But it's always important to remember that




In addition to knowledge of genetics and bloodlines, it is important to have a special touch, which makes the breeding process an art and, as a result, gives birth to real masterpieces!


Ksantia kennel is recognized as the best kennel of pepper and salt schnauzers in Ukraine in 2016-2017 and in 2020.


KSANTIA AFINA - European Winner 2017 + Best of Breed, Best Schnauzer in Ukraine in 2016-2017

KSANTIA AVANTA - Junior Vice World Winner 2016

KSANTIA DANAYA - Best Schnauzer 2019 in Ukraine

KSANTIA DJOKER - Best Schnauzer 2020 in Ukraine


But all the same, I know that the best puppy has not yet been born, and the best winnings are yet to come!